Women's Healing Circle - Earth Connection


Dear sisters, once again we will be gathering, sharing breathe, movement, meditation and tenderness...

Do you sleep enough and deep? How is your digestion going? The Earth element relates to our basic needs. Earth qualities help us to feed ourselves, to feel hold, to feel trust and confidence.

It's winter. Time to take care of ourselves, to slow down to integrate what happened this past year and to feel the warm support of the ground under our feet. In this circle we will observe our ability to be connected with our needs and to express them. We will look too at the power of manifestation with the integration of intentions and cycles in our life. Together we will create a tender space of quietness in which we can learn more and more to listen to our inner voice and to hold space for ourselves.

Let's come together in this women circle to feel our ground and the nourishing power of the sisterhood. Together we create a sacred space within which we connect our hearts, lift our spirits and honor each other by embracing who we are. We create a space that enables each of us to be vulnerable and powerful in the same time, to empower each other, to let go what we need to leave behind, to heal our spirits, to tap into our innate wisdom and to embrace the power and beauty that is the core of who we are.

Energy exchange: 25€

Looking forward to ground with you!

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