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RETREAT: Yoga für die SEELE
Fr, 15. - 17. September 23

Workshop: Pisces Super Full-Moon-Ccircle Meditation
Sa, 2. September 23, 14:00 - 15:30

FESTIVAL: evolve Festival
01. – 03. Sept 2023

Pisces Super-Full-Moon Circle-Meditation

Soul Inquiry and Shadow Work

Full moon is a time for release and letting go of what no longer serves you. With this super full moon, the moon is closest to earth. Being in the water sign of pisces can bring up a lot of emotions. Full moon is also a great time to do shadow work as a lot of emotions that were suppressed and hidden will now rise to the surface to be released. You can move on to the next phase of life with more clarity.

As a trauma therapist I love shadow work because at heart it's about developing self-awareness and ultimately, self-acceptance and compassion.

🖤 Shadow work is often both therapy and more spiritual, helping you see the different parts of yourself. For people who have been especially good at avoiding their shadow — for instance, because it is too far different from your own self-perception or desired impression — shadow work is about acknowledging the existence of shadows and getting curious about exploring them.

💜 For those whose shadow is associated with trauma, this type of work helps you work through trauma to embrace the part of yourself that’s been suppressed or shamed throughout your life. Friendly reminder: This is NOT a trauma therapy session! We will do shadow work in a safe space in a small group environment.

✅ The benefits of doing shadow work can help you
1. Gain more confidence and self esteem
2. Improve your creativity
3. Build better relationships
4. Practice self acceptance
5. Discover your hidden talents
6. Have better clarity
7. Improve your overall wellness
8. Increase your compassion towards others

Please bring a pen and a journal.
The session will be in English.
We will end the session with a personal  oracle card reading message.

Info about Areena
Areena is a clinical hypnotherapist, trauma therapist certified by renowned Trauma Physician Dr. GABOR MATÈ, Reiki Master Teacher and Intuitive Counselor. Her spiritual journey started when she was 15 intuitive being able to read energy and tarot then at the age of 25 she had a spiritual awakening that took her into her own spiritual healing journey seeing the positive impact it had on her own life she wanted to share this others which led her to become a therapist merging science and spiritual together for holistic healing for mind body and soul. She is originally from Bangkok Thailand and is here on a short trip to Europe and wants to experience the Berlin community. More information on her services

Samstag, 2. September von 14:00 - 15:30

natürlich im Maigold

35 €

Anmeldung & Kontakt - Please register in advance for the event in order to save your spot!!! Payment information and confirmation will be given by
Whatsapp   +66896636215

Weitere Info's

evolve Festival

Ein transformatives Wochenende, an dem Yoga, persönliches Wachstum und ganzheitliche Zeremonien auf Musik, Tanz und Festival-Vibes treffen.

It's festival season and the @evolve_festival is definitely the place to be! You can take part in yoga, personal growth workshops, and holistic ceremonies that bring you closer to your true self. From sound healing to ecstatic dance, the festival is all about connecting with the body, mind, and soul. It's an event that is truly life-changing! If you want to deepen your spiritual practice, I highly recommend attending.

The @evolve_festival is the perfect place to unwind and recharge in the company of an amazing community. From yoga to workshops and live music, you can immerse yourself in a world of holistic practices and personal growth. The festival is a transformative experience that leaves everyone feeling more connected, centered, and at peace with themselves. As someone who's attended before, we highly recommend it.

As a Partner of the evolve Festival we are happy to oresent you a comunity discount on your festival ticket. Just Scan the QR-Code on the picture and get your disount 😎

Von Freitag, 1.9. - Sonntag, 3.9. 23

am Helenesee in Frankfurt Oder

Anmeldung & DISCOUNT
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Yoga für die SEELE

Auftanken, Loslassen, Inspirieren

Ein Wochenende für Frauen, um den eigenen Körper bewusster und achtsamer erfahren, Kräfte sammeln und einfach Ausruhen an einem besonderen Ort geschützt inmitten friedlicher Natur. Mit Yoga, Meditation, Tanzen, Fantasiereisen, Spazieren, Entspannen, gesundem Essen...

Von Freitag, 15. September, 18.30 Uhr bis Sonntag 17. September 2023, ca. 15.00 Uhr

in der Region Mecklenburgische Seenplatte.
Im Seminarort „Haus Himmelblick", Finkenwerder Hof 13/14, 19399 Wendisch-Waren, in ruhiger Lage, umgeben von Grün und himmlischer Weite. Mit dem Auto in zwei Stunden von Berlin erreichbar: Die Anreise mit Bahn oder Bus ist ebenso möglich. Unterkunft in großzügigen Zwei- bis Drei-Bett-Zimmern mit eigenem Bad im liebevoll eingerichteten Bauernhaus mit Sauna. Vollpension mit leckerem, vegetarischem Essen.

220 € für das Seminar. Anmeldeschluss ist der 25. August 2023
220 € für Vollverpflegung und Übernachtung bitte vor Ort bezahlen.

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Christine J. Schmid
0177 - 240 857 4