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Sylva Helene

Vinyasa-Flow Lehrerin - EN

    About Sylva

    Through a playful Vinyasa flow class, we will focus on bringing kindness to ourselves through this physical practice.  I like to combine asanas for strength, to remind ourselves that we are more resilient than we think... Asanas for balance, to challenge the focus between our mind and body... Asanas for flexibility, to make ourselves feel the delicious stretch of our muscles... and asanas of relaxation, to enjoy some peace and calm.   

    In my life there are two things which have helped me come back to myself when the world becomes complicated.  One of those things is yoga.  I started teaching in hopes of sharing this with others.  Yoga came to my life on a path to healing from substance misuse and trauma recovery. In it, I have found a healthy and rewarding path to happiness and balance. If you struggle with stress from the present or past, are looking for a healthy outlet to help you find inner strength, or need to find solace from an overactive mind by connecting more deeply with your body, then I invite you to join me for yoga practice.  Whatever energy you bring into the classroom, I hope you leave feeling a little more playful, a little less stressed, and a little bit stronger each time we practice together.


    Ich bin immer auf der Suche nach neuen, spannenden Möglichkeiten.

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